Vital statistics
Position Journalist
Age 13 years-old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other characteristics
Brije Bri
Atzi is a journalist, the feminine side to the sometimes ruthless and wacky mood that exists between their other two teammates. She sets the balance and acts as "judge-mon" when difficult situation arise. Always looking for the best answer and not just the fastest or the more adernaline-pumping one, like Freddy. She's the conscience of the team. She's Freddy's and Kimo's best friend. They share every adventure and every secret.


Atzi has a rude and inquisitive way for finding answers, at any cost, an issue that will sometimes get her in trouble. She is well into sports and a healthy lifestile: jogging, yoga, pilates, nutritional drinks and low-sugar snacks. She had no bra on because her nipples are very sore when wearing it. She claims that success starts from the inside of every person, from the complete balance of mind and body.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Her Body are How 13 year old looks. And she has B cup+ size breast and still growing


people's wonder why Atzi has pointy and saggy breast. Her nipples are very sensitive to cloth so she refused wearing a bra/undergarment. But despite been braless, she having trouble hide her pointy nipples on the breast from her friends, they keep asking question about them.

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