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 This wiki is about the movie "Guardians of the Lost Code". Not many have seen it. 
 If you had, please help this wiki. This is a wiki that anyone can edit, but please, do not add speculation.

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This wiki is about, the movie "Guardians of The Lost Code". Of which, long ago, people had lived together with creatures called "brijes", Then, when reaching the age of 13, they held a ritual when both human and brijes could syncronize into one form. Known as the warrior form. then mankind slowly forgot about dreams and imagination. With the brijes all alone, some submitted into the darkness, had became dark brijes. The Guardian Council then had to lock away their secrets of syncronizing, in a codex which was lost for ages. Then, many years later, a 13 year old boy, and his friends, stumble on the codex, and start a journey to save the world.

Guardians Of The Lost Code (brijes) Trailer

Guardians Of The Lost Code (brijes) Trailer

                    Believe, Imagine, Dream.

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